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Britannia TV Series:

The Biggest Fraud in TV History?

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To demonstrate that it's not just me (one man) who believes my work has been substantially plagiarised by the creators and writers of Britannia, I've started to collate what has been written and said about the case by others, including from within academia. A massive thanks to those who've had the courage to speak out on my behalf.



b) In a meeting on Friday 9th November to discuss the matter, Dr Paul Meyer, the Head of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University at the time (as well as being another tutor of mine on the project), confirmed that he/the faculty supported Robin's opinion:

"As the faculty's appointed screenwriting expert we support Robin's views in this matter. I'm sorry this has happened to you".

c) Another scriptwriting tutor of mine during the time of Tribus' conception and early development at Bath Spa University, Annie McGann (a poet and former highly-respected stagemanger at the Royal Shakespeare Company, among others), wrote the following:


And note I also have received seemingly exclusive support from my other tutors and the cohort of students I studied with at BSU.


d) On December 4th 2019, I was invited to give a lecture about the case (Creativity and Conflict in Scriptwriting) at Westminster Law School (University of Westminster), which was attended by both a cohort of LLB Entertainment Law Students and various members of the Law Faculty. The talk lasted around three hours, including a question and answer session. At the end I asked if anybody present believed the similarities in the two bodies of work could have been coincidental. Nobody raised their hand.

The lecture was subsquently referenced on the University's Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture's newsletter:


e) The Editor of Entertainment and Sports Law Journal attendended the above lecture (and has been informed about the progress of this case for a number of years).


He posted the following about my talk on his Twitter account:


f) Professor Maurice De Volder added has added his thoughts on numerous platforms, including below on Facebook and on YouTube channels. He has been aware of the case for the last 18 months or so:


g) Dr David Ryall - an aerospace engineer (space) - has been aware of the scandal for even longer. He knew about Tribus as it was getting developed, and my suspicions about plagiarism well-before Britannia ever aired. After reviewing the similarities he wrote the following on the Change.Org petition:



h) At the time of writing (16/07/2020) over 1,500 supporters have signed the petition on Change.Org demanding Sky do the right thing and give me the credits and remuneration I deserve for the creation of the original story upon which it is believed Britannia had to have been based on:


i) Also, as of today's date (02/04/2021) my two YouTube channels, which are exclusively about Britannia and the scandal, have had over 50,000 views. The main channel, featuring the similarities, has a 98% approval rating (likes vs dislikes) from viewers.

a) The following text is from a letter of support written by Robin Mukerhjee, my main tutor over the period of time when Tribus was developed (he knows my final script better than anyone else). Robin has been a core writer for a number of the UK's most popular shows, including Eastenders and The Bill, and co-wrote the Oscar nominated film Lore:

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